Alternative Cancer Treatments: Interview with Dr Kelly Turner

Alternative Cancer Treatments – Several months ago I reviewed a new book called Radical Remission of Cancer by Dr Kelly Turner.

The author discovered nine common factors in cancer survivors, after interviewing hundreds of survivors plus many alternative cancer healers. Click on the colored words to see the nine common factors.

I shared this info with a friend of mine, Karen Larre, and she has recently interviewed Dr Turner and reported this interview in her health magazine called Truly Alive. The link will take several seconds to come up.

It’s an impressive interview, and below I list several excerpts that I found significant. Most of these are statements by Dr Turner. You can read the full interview in the link to the magazine.

Truly Alive magazine (click to read full interview with Dr Turner).

Truly Alive magazine (click to read full interview with Dr Turner).

One of every two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and one of every three women.

• In the book Spontaneous Healing by Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Turner came across a case of radical remission: a man had been sent home on hospice to die with Stage 4 cancer, but the man turned it around! When she read this story, it was an Aha! moment because Dr Turner wanted to know what the survivor had done. She began her Ph.D. on this topic.
• Dr Turner found 1,000 cases in the medical literature. But unbelievably no-one had bothered to study these in totality.

• Some doctors hesitate to recommend or even acknowledge alternative treatments, because they are afraid of giving false hope. But Dr Turner says what is worse is a doctor withholding alternative treatment info that could save a life.
• Doctors get only one week of nutrition training in medical schools. However the immune system starts with the digestive tract, where the outside world meets your body which needs to be protected. For example, Dr Esselstyn’s work on cardiovascular health has shown how diet can strongly impact inflammation levels of tissues, such as tissues around the heart.

Sugar, dairy, meat, and gluten lead to inflammation in the body, and inflammation is being linked to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Once cancer is in your body, if your tissues are inflamed, it’s like fertile ground for cancer cells to grow in. Cool, smooth tissues make it very hard for cancer cells to take root and grow.

• “Taking control of your health” is one of the 9 common factors. Cancer patients who feel helpless tend to die sooner. The opposite is feeling like you can do something that will make a difference, and then taking action. If you feel helpless, you feel depressed, and then your immune system gets depressed. Taking control can strengthen your immune system.

Seven of the common factors are emotional and spiritual. There is a known connection between your thinking and how your body reacts to what you are thinking. What your mind perceives releases hormones which strengthen or weaken your immune system.

• Life is like being under an emotional waterfall. Some experiences are wonderful while some are tragic. Let the emotions come into you as if you are standing under a waterfall – but then be sure to let them out!

• One woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer Stage 4 which had metastacised. She had surgery. She felt that the cancer was due to the pain of a nasty divorce. Rather than do chemo therapy, she chose to do rituals and journaling and Reiki to release the grief, pain, and anger. After just two weeks she returned to her doctor. A scan of her body revealed all of her metastases were gone. In only two weeks! This illustrates the power of releasing negative emotions.

Every one of the radical cancer survivors did 8 or 9 of the common factors (most did all 9). It’s not as if people were doing only one or two of the nine. The over-arching message is that they are all working to strengthen the immune system.

• One healer was asked, “What should I do if what I’m doing is not working?” The healer answered “Keep making changes….. until you come across the change that your system is asking you to make”. By system he meant body/mind/spirit system.

You can find more info at Dr Turner’s website (just click on the pic). You can even submit your own radical remission story. If you are sick, you can search for your type of cancer, and read about other people who had the same kind of cancer and what they did about it.

In my opinion, this book is a game-changer.

I have asked two western doctors if they have read the book, and they both said no.
Western doctors: please open your minds to the data and info that is readily available in this book.
Blog readers: please share this blog with people you know who are wrestling with cancer. And understand there do exist alternative cancer treatments, whether a person has tried chemo and given up, or is midway through a course of chemo and radiation, or is contemplating starting such a course. Or if a person would like to consider preventive approaches for cancer because cancer runs in their family.

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