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A magical snowfall in Albuquerque gets me reminiscing.

SNOWFALL IN ALBUQUERQUE.The weather gurus predicted a big snowstorm that would last 3 days…. unheard of in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It started in the afternoon and by bedtime we had several inches. I took the first photo at 6 am using the deck light. Amazingly, the depth of snow was 15 inches, and on top […]

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Finding love in small deeds.

INTRODUCTION. I discovered Robert Wicks when I heard him interviewed. He was talking over the radio about overcoming anxieties and helping others at the same time. A book that Wicks wrote is called Streams of Contentment. I ran out and bought it – one of the best self-help books I’ve read in a long time. […]

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Sex trafficking in the USA

IN THE MOVIES. Several years ago, a series of movies appeared called Taken, starring Liam Neeson, who was ex-CIA. When his daughter was kidnapped by sex traffickers, Liam told the bad guys that he was coming after them with a special set of skills that he would use to hurt them. They laughed at him, […]

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Mental toughness with Jaden and Alyse

FRACMAN CONFLICTED.I am excited. My new novel, FracMan Conflicted, is being printed. Release date is March 2020 by Deep River Books. Here is a short review by Brian Morrison of Albuquerque, New Mexico: After all these years I finally have an idea what fracking really is, and the correlation to earthquakes. With the wonderful love […]

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Mariachi Christmas and search for contentment

MARIACHI CHRISTMAS. Its 3 am on a Monday morning, and I cannot sleep. Last nite, I went with a friend to a show called Mariachi Christmas and it was a splendid performance. The backdrop was a mariachi band — a dozen violins, four guitars, a double-base, two horns, and one accordion – all but the […]

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A documented answer to prayer

WHEN PAIN IS SO BAD YOU CRY OUT IN THE NIGHT: My good friend Mary Ann lives in Kansas. She was having migraines when I got in on the story……pounding migraines that completely immobilized her. She could do nothing but go to bed. This went on for almost two months. The migraines appeared like clockwork….every […]

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Tribute to my mother who passed away last week at 97

EARLY MEMORIES. My earliest (ever) memory was telling mum that I didn’t want to die. I was scared. She comforted me. The thing I remember best was mum’s perseverance in everything. She never gave up. She played tennis and ping-pong with the same determination. I actually recall the final point in a mixed doubles tennis […]

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Two sides of loving.

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Inspired by friends Kevin and Dorota. • Jesus defined two sides of loving. • Who is my neighbor? • What about today? I RECEIVED AN EMAIL TODAY FROM FRIENDS KEVIN AND HIS WIFE DOROTA. It was an appeal for money to support a young nurse in her education. It was […]

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Finding hope and joy in Santa Fe.

WHAT KIND OF EVENT DOES THE FOLLOWING REMIND YOU OF: A small group of a dozen men meeting for two hours on a Saturday morning. Ages range from 40-something to almost 90. Singing gustily along with a three-piece band. Eating an excellent breakfast from a Mexican menu. Listening to a guest speaker share how his […]

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