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  • Tornado !
    Its tornado season in tornado alley. I encountered one last weekend – on 27 April 2024. This is springtime in Kansas. The beautiful red bud trees and flowers have come and gone, and the grass makes everything look clean and green. I am located in Independence, Kansas, a ranching locality on the prairie in the… Read more: Tornado !
  • Should we trust science?
    Andy Stanley is a preacher and a highly-rated Christian apologist. Son of Charles Stanley, a famous Baptist minister, Andy has forged his own way and formed an independent Christian church that makes videos of his messages available on YouTube. He once said when we are sick, we go to a doctor and if the doc… Read more: Should we trust science?
  • Taylor Swift – her Story and her Impact
    I’m not a Swiftie. But I am a football fan, and I watched the Kansas City Chiefs, who win most of the Superbowls nowadays. And there in the coaches’ box was this young blonde woman cheering and screaming for the Chiefs, because her boyfriend happens to be Travis Kelce, one of the best tight ends… Read more: Taylor Swift – her Story and her Impact
  • Brain implants that artificially convert thoughts into action
    We are all familiar with devices that convert verbal words into actions. I can tell Alexa in my laptop what to do. Or Siri in my iPhone. Or the microphone in my Xfinity TV Voice Remote. All of this came about in the last 10 years. But converting mental thoughts into actions still seems like… Read more: Brain implants that artificially convert thoughts into action

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6 comments on “Latest Blog Post”

  1. McKenzie Lake says:

    Very cool Ian! We’re going to have to take a trip soon, especially since its not too far!

  2. Lianne says:

    Thank you for writing, it’s food for thought.

  3. OMG I got goose bumps reading this.

  4. Mary Ann Pollock says:

    This was a very good read and I enjoyed reading it very much. I have always enjoyed all of your blogs. I am so proud of you.keep the blogs coming in. m.a.

  5. Susan Thompson Landers says:

    …..and to you
    Dear Ian. I see your kindness, your gratefulness for other’s kindness to you. Blessing’s this Christmas Season and always.

  6. DonM says:

    Thanks again Ian for your good Blog Post. I am moved by these accounts of hardship.

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