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Biden’s Climate Plan For ‘Un-Coal’

Originally published on on December 7, 2020

Biden’s climate plan states, “He will launch a national effort aimed at creating the jobs we need to build a modern, sustainable infrastructure now and deliver an equitable clean energy future.” It is worth clarifying what the plan may mean for energy companies, and in particular for coal, oil, and natural gas companies. READ MORE

Taking A Look At Biden’s Climate Plan For Cars And Trucks

Originally published on on December 19, 2020

President-Elect Joe Biden has unveiled a plan for building a modern sustainable infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future. It’s a vision based largely on the assumption of a massive wave of investment in electric vehicles. But Biden is not just dreaming, he intends to act: READ MORE

How Interior Sec. Nominee Haaland Can Support Biden’s Climate Agenda Even In Her Own Fracking – Happy New Mexico

Originally published on on December 23, 2020

Amidst the excitement of Deb Haaland’s nomination to Secretary of Interior for the new Biden administration, and the growing concern about climate change, it would be good to remember what the oil and gas industry has done for Haaland’s home state of New Mexico. Roughly a third (about $2 billion) of the state government budget comes from taxes and royalties from the industry. About $1.4 billion of this revenue provides a third of the state’s funding for public schooling. Let’s look at the two big oil and gas basins in New Mexico. READ MORE

Where Does Big Oil Fit Into Biden’s Plan For Net-Zero Emissions By 2050?

Originally published on on December 29. 2020

One of the biggest challenges facing Biden is the fossil fuel industry. Oil and gas has brought in the shale gas revolution in the past 20 years, with benefits ranging from cheap gas to the US becoming energy-independent for the first time since 1947. And along the way lifting many millions of people across the world into the middle class. READ MORE

Put It Underground: A Feasible Biden Plan For Fossil Energy Emissions – Except For The Cost

Originally published on on December 29, 2020

Climate change aficionados want the oil and gas industry to shut down now. But the industry gurus say that’s unrealistic – the world will need oil-and-gas for decades. Is there a middle ground? READ MORE

Feds Approve Plan To Drill And Frack 5,000 New Oil Wells in The Powder River Basin Of Wyoming

Originally published on on January 14, 2021

Wyoming oil and gas boosters succeeded a few weeks ago in pushing through Bureau of Land Management approvals for a massive campaign in the Powder River Basin that could see the drilling and fracking of 5,000 new wells. The region is better known as being home to America’s biggest coal mines — now in severe decline. READ MORE

The Risks And Rewards Of A Massive Fracking Campaign Planned For The Powder River Basin Of Wyoming

Originally published on on January 18, 2021

Last week we highlighted a plan approved by the Bureau of Land Management to drill and frack 5,000 new oil wells in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Now let’s look under the hood to better understand the pros and cons of such a high-stakes bonanza. READ MORE

Leasing Pause For Oil And Gas Companies On Federal Lands – The Climate Future Is Here

Originally published on on January 27, 2021

Several executive actions were signed by President Biden on January 27. One was to instruct the Department of Interior to pause approving new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters. Another was to create a Civilian Climate Corps Initiative that aims to restore federal lands and waters, by reforestation and safeguarding biodiversity. READ MORE

What Makes The Permian Basin’s New Mexico Portion Such A Success?

Originally published on on January 27, 2021

New Mexicans are proud of their Land of Enchantment, because of the climate, the culture, outdoor activities, mountains views, white sand deserts, and the ubiquitous arts and crafts.

One other aspect that many people, but not all, are proud of is the Delaware basin – another way of spelling oil and gas. We will look into this. Why are some people proud? Why are some people not? READ MORE

Profit And Loss From Flaring Of Natural Gas In Permian Basin Wells Of New Mexico.

Originally published on on January 29, 2021

The Delaware basin, a part of the Permian basin, contributes massively to New Mexico’s oil and gas production. Yet it also contributes to problems – and one is flaring natural gas usually, but not always, at the top of wells. READ MORE

Rich In Oil And Gas But New Mexico Searching For A Safe Transition To Renewables

Originally published on on February 4, 2021

A balanced editorial appeared in the Albuquerque Journal on Sunday, January 31. It acknowledged the immense wealth of New Mexico’s Delaware basin, part of the Permian.

But the article lamented the lack of attention given to these oil and gas riches during the State of the State address last week by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Instead, the governor praised “the country’s toughest methane and air pollutant rules in the oil and gas industry…”

Here we look a little deeper into the wealth of this basin, what it has provided to New Mexico, and how oil and gas companies could work with the state and federal administration to meet their goals. READ MORE

The Transition From Fossil Fuels To Renewables Under Biden and Yergin

Originally published on on February 12, 2021

President Joe Biden has been quite aggressive in some of his actions that pertain to the oil and gas industry, such as banning drilling leases on federal lands and waters, stopping progress on the Keystone X-L pipeline, and elevating climate change to a national office in his government.  Biden’s goal is net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. This is one perspective. READ MORE

Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Inroads Into Fracking Operations In Shale Oil And Gas.

Originally published on on February 17, 2021

The price of oil dropped in 2015 and many oil and gas workers were laid off. But soon after, 2018 was called the year of the frac because the industry boomed again, led by the mighty Permian basin with its prolific oil and gas resource. Then the pandemic of 2020 hit, OPEC squabbled with Russia, and the oil price fell again – all the way to zero, unbelievably. Now in early 2021 it’s picked up to $60/barrel. READ MORE

Why Good Data Is Crucial To Evaluate Under-The-Radar Methane Emissions Around The World

Originally published on on February 24, 2021

After 10 years, it’s now accepted by most oil and gas companies that methane emissions are bad news. The emissions are mainly leakage of natural gas from wells, from pipelines, and from oil and gas facilities such as gas processing plants.

Most individual leaks are very small but a few big ones can really distort the picture. And tens of thousands of small ones in wells and pipeline miles adds up. Pneumatics which are devices that contain gas under pressure are a big contributor to leakage. READ MORE

Climate Future Of Oil And Gas – Three Federal, One New Mexico Stepping Stones

Originally published on on March 28, 2021

Four stepping stones

The week of March 22, 2021 saw four independent “meetings” on the future of oil and gas in regard to climate change. Each meeting suggested changes that will definitely affect the future of the oil and gas industry in the USA.

The meetings focused on three sticky issues – the ban on federal leasing, methane emissions, and carbon pricing. These are all related to regulation at federal and state level of the climate crisis and the role of the oil and gas industry. The snowball is starting to roll…. READ MORE

Why The Permian Basin May Not Be The Best Place To Store Nuclear Waste

Originally published on on April 3. 2021

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has evaluated a proposal by Holtec International to build a storage site for radioactive nuclear waste in New Mexico, and determined that a license can be issued.

Last Monday, the attorney-general for New Mexico filed a lawsuit against the NRC intended to block the project because it would endanger the environment, residents, and nearby industries like agriculture and oil and gas production.

One of the risks evaluated by NRC is earthquakes. But earthquakes are often associated with oil and gas production, and the proposed Holtec site is close to thousands of new oil and gas wells in the Delaware basin. This deserves a closer look. READ MORE

Greening Of Electrical And Transport Sectors – What The Numbers Mean For The Future Of Oil And Gas

Originally published on on April 13, 2021

The snowball has begun to roll, and renewable energies like wind and solar are increasing rapidly. It’s hard not to notice if you are challenged to pass one of those giant wind turbine blades being trucked along the highway.

In President Biden’s proposed budget, just out, he has inserted a big chunk of money aimed at arresting climate change and including spurs for renewable energy. For example, the Energy Department would increase by about 10% overall, but with $8 billion (an increase of 27%) directed at a new generation of electric vehicles, nuclear reactors, and other alternatives to burning fossil fuels. READ MORE


How China And The US Stack Up On Greenhouse Emissions, And How They Might Work Together to Reduce Them

Originally published on on April 21, 2021

In 2016, President Trump came to power in the USA. In what now seems like a perfect irony, 2016 was the hottest year on record for the world since the 1880s, according to NOAA and NASA.

In late 2019, Trump formally notified the UN that the US was withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Agreement had been signed by 200 nations to cut greenhouse emissions and to help poorer countries manage their mitigation efforts.  Ironically, the same year of 2019 turned out to be the second-hottest year on record. READ MORE

Role Of Oil And Gas Industry In Transition To Renewable Energies – An International View

Originally published on on April 26, 2021

Iman Hill is the executive director of IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers). On Tuesday, 20 April 2021, she gave a webinar on SPE Live called “Extraordinary Times for the Oil and Gas Industry – IOGP Fireside Chat.” READ MORE


Is Fracking Good or Bad?

Originally published on on May 4, 2021

Fracking of oil and gas wells is a conundrum. On one hand, fracking was a key to releasing oil and gas from shale rock, which led to the successful shale revolution that allowed us to buy cheap gasoline and also enabled the US to become self-sufficient in oil and gas for the first time since 1947. READ MORE




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