New Book Release by Ian Palmer

I’ve just released a new book called How Oil and Gas Companies are Pivoting Toward Climate Change published by Cambridge Scholars in the UK. The book is available on their website at

Intended for experts and lay readers, the book outlines efforts by oil and gas companies to clean up their greenhouse gas emissions while addressing the transition from fossil energies to renewable energies like wind and solar.

From solar space scientist to oilfield engineer.
For those of you who don’t know, I earned a Ph.D. in space physics from Adelaide University, Australia, where I studied cosmic rays from the sun. After cosmic rays are released by a solar flare, they travel indirectly to the earth in a kind of diffusive motion. I modeled the transport of these cosmic rays with a computer program. I think the sun connection was my first awareness of climate change and the increasing warming of earth’s surface over the past 50 years.

As a petroleum engineer, I worked in the oil and gas industry for 28 years. I traveled the world consulting and giving talks on shale gas-oil, fracking, earthquakes, and now climate change.

How Oil and Gas Companies are Pivoting Toward Climate Change is based on a selection from almost 150 articles I’ve published with over the last three years. These articles were directed to fossil energies, particularly oil and gas, and the transition to renewable energies. The book contains aspects of the topic that should endure as distinct from temporary news that will likely not last.

As one colleague said, this book falls squarely in the wheelhouse of oil and gas companies who are wrestling with what to do in the energy transition. Do they diversify into renewables production, such as wind and solar and cut back on new oil and gas wells, or continue with business as usual?

A friend who owns a small number of oil wells is anxious to get my book. He is worried about holding on to his company for too long – given renewable energies are on the rise and may displace his assets.

Many oil companies, perhaps most of them, are seriously interested in the energy transition and what it means for their future. Some of them are just plain scared of renewables replacing their oil and gas wells, and they will want to see if my book has answers for them. The book does discuss the future of oil and gas in a time of increasing uncertainty around the rise of renewables.

The book is an ideal complement for an engineering course at a college or university that wants to integrate the latest information on climate change into engineering specialties.

Summary of book contents.
This book takes an honest look at the fast-charging energy transition from the unique perspective of a solar space scientist turned oilfield engineer. How far are global leaders pivoting toward climate change: BP; Occidental; ExxonMobil? Did ExxonMobil really try to deceive people about climate change? Is the urgency about climate change as dire as climate aficionados are saying?

These are just some of the questions that drive the discussion. This book is intended for experts and lay readers alike, in order to educate all parties on the current state of fossil fuels, especially oil and gas, and their efforts to clean up greenhouse emissions on the road to energy transition.

The book, which includes both US-centered and global perspectives, takes a look at historical data and projections for the future, and it is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the reality of climate change in the oil and gas world.

I live near the mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I write books and blogs and articles for My hobbies include hiking, dancing, pickleball, and rock-hounding. I’ve also dabbled in writing novels which include Hiking toward Heaven, and FracMan Conflicted. More about my books and activities can be found in my website

As of December 2021, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP) has published over 9,000 books since its founding in 2001. The information I have is that CSP is one of the world’s largest publishers of English-language scholarly books, publishing more than 700 titles per year. Their books cover a range of nonfiction topics, including science, technology, medicine, business, transport, and architecture. CSP’s books are sold to university libraries and research departments in over 120 countries.

Please forward this writeup to someone you think might be interested in the book How Oil and Gas Companies are Pivoting Toward Climate Change.

The book costs £67 (English pounds) which converts to about $86 USD, and is comparable to other professional educating books of this caliber. It has not been published in paperback or digital versions, which may come later.
And God blessed them, and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [with all its vast resources].
Genesis, chapter 1 (Amplified Bible).

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