Oklahoma Wild: Tornadoes and Earthquakes

If you’re goin’ to Oklahoma, don’t go in the month of May!

If you live in Oklahoma or Kansas, please be careful today or tomorrow (May 7 and 8, 2015).
Tornado Alley forms in May, and stretches from Texas north to Nebraska. It includes Kansas and Oklahoma.

But Oklahoma always seems to get hit the hardest.

This May is no different. I am sitting in my chair in Independence, Kansas watching the weather forecast. “Tornadoes likely for today and tomorrow. Look at the forecast before you drive, especially in the evening.”

Twister in Tornado Alley on 6 May 2015. Click to enlarge or to source (then hit the go back arrow or just minimize this image).

Twister in Tornado Alley on 6 May 2015. Click to enlarge or to source (then hit the go back arrow or just minimize the image).

Last nite (May 6) a spray of tornadoes struck in Tornado Alley, with serious damage but no deaths. The following bullets are excerpted from an NBCNews bulletin.
• Tornadoes roared across the plains on Wednesday, causing at least a dozen injuries, damage to homes and flash flooding in Oklahoma.
• At least 20 twisters were sighted across three states — with multiple tornadoes reported in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

• Officials said at least 12 people were injured — two critically — when a tornado tore through two mobile home parks on the south side of Oklahoma City.
• A flash-flood emergency was declared in Oklahoma City for the first time in history, as much of central Oklahoma was hit with heavy rain and flash-flood warnings.
• Five to eight inches of rain had fallen in affected areas as of 6 May, with another four to five inches of possible rainfall to come.
• The Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City was evacuated twice as severe storms approached the area.
• A tiger safari in Tuttle had been damaged by severe weather and live animals from the facility were on the loose. However it was later reported that all the animals in the facility were accounted for.

Almost exactly one year ago in May 2014 we were hiding in an underground storm shelter in Kansas. The sirens were blaring and a threatening line of thunder-cells, with rotation, approached. Click on the colored link to read about this.

This predicament was the basis for an exciting chapter of my new book Weed and Water.


Thunderstorm/Tornado hotspot for 8 May 2015 (Click to enlarge or to source).

Thunderstorm/Tornado hotspot for 8 May 2015 (Click to enlarge or to source).





Oklahoma has also been hit by earthquakes recently. It’s a wild state to live in !!!

If you are curious, more info about fracking can be found in another blog. Click on the colored word to find out more (then hit go-back arrow or minimize to return to main blog).

May you and your home be safe this weekend, and if you work in the garden may your spring flowers and veggies grow strong.

The Gray Nomad.
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He said, Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord. Behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice. When Elijah heard the voice, he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance to the cave. And behold there came a voice to him and said, What are you doing here, Elijah? [Book of 1 Kings, chapter 19].

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Gray Nomad
Gray Nomad
9 years ago

George, a friend from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, added this comment: “I am thankful that we can always go to the ORU tunnel. It saved many of us In the 1974 tornado which hit our neighborhood. Tennis coach Duke’s house was totally gone except 8 inches of the foundation. My house was not touched but the house across the street was taken. It destroyed the new aerobics center at ORU which we had not quite moved into. One should always take cover.”

Gray Nomad
Gray Nomad
9 years ago

Update: 8 May 2105…. from Weather Underground:
A very dangerous weather pattern is set to possibly bring a multi-day severe weather outbreak for the Southern Plains. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate chance of severe weather today for part of southwestern Oklahoma, while an enhanced chance of severe weather extends from southeastern Colorado through much of Oklahoma and adjacent areas of Texas. This could translate to very dangerous tornadoes, large hail, strong wind, and torrential rain. Residents are urged to take precaution to protect life and property.

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