Drought in New Mexico

“We need to pray for rain!” And at our home Bible study, we did.
In Albuquerque, we have had no rain to speak of in 2011.
87% of the State is in a drought.
This is the most severe condition for 117 years!

The hiking trails in the Cibola forest around Albuquerque have been closed, due to fire risk. The Rio Grande is at its lowest level in 30 years.

The Los Alamos wildfire (still burning) is the biggest ever in New Mexico.
They evacuated the whole town for about a week, but the people have now returned.
They think it was started by a tree falling across a power line.
The big wildfire in Arizona, however, was deliberate!

Houston is in drought, as are Atlanta. It’s all across the south apparently.
However, in the northern USA, they had plenty of rain this year. I was in Salt Lake City recently, and the mountains were still snow-capped, with skiing extended to 4 July weekend! Potential floods in lots of places up north!

Yes, we will continue to pray for rain……the resources of God are vast (even though we don’t always understand his workings).

The Gray Nomad
Trying to touch the thinkers……

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