Christianity – How relevant is it these Days?

Christianity – How relevant is it these Days?

“Society is secularizing in Europe” she said distractedly.
This from Susan, a lady who attends the fourth fastest-growing church in the USA.
The church has five campuses in New Mexico, and about 13,000 attendees each weekend (five or six services total on Saturday evening and Sunday).

I have been asking people why they think Christianity is relevant (or not relevant).
It’s obviously relevant to the people who are flocking to that New Mexico church each weekend.

I asked Lorraine, who is an active Christian, the question.
She had to think for a minute.
“Why it’s my whole life. It’s my basis for meaning and purpose, morality, and my desire to help other people.”
She took a sip of her iced tea, before continuing.
“It’s heaven”. Another pause…
“And its hope.”

That’s a mouthful!
But it’s a striking comment from a lady who lost most of her retirement a few short years ago….a victim of a con-man….and her home is under water….
Where does she get such a faith!

The Gray Nomad.
Probing the practice of Christian believers……


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