>Europe is becoming more and more secular, and so is my original country of Australia. Over there, some beautiful old stone churches, now empty of worshippers, have been converted into boutiques or ice-cream shops. In the USA, where most people believe in God, young people are into sports, work,  clothes, I-phones, and fitness. But many young people do not go to church, and have no interest in organized religion.… More

This question implies that as a Christian you are weak-minded, and need a crutch. A simple counter-argument is provided by three figures in the national sports news: Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, and Bill Self. Tebow and Lin you know about from my previous blogs. They are outstanding Christians, in the maelstrom of highly-competitive sports, and clearly not the kind of weak-minded people who would need a crutch.… More

A Tebow-like character has emerged in the NBA, the US professional men’s basketball association. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere in February to play as point guard for the New York Knicks. The team had lost several games in a row, and it looked like they would not make the playoffs. Lin, who was sleeping on his brother’s couch in Manhattan, led the Knicks to win the next six games, and he starred in most of those games. He quickly became the talk of New York. Jeremy is the NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Tawain descent. He is charging up Asian fans worldwide.… More

Jakarta is a city of 10 million inhabitants. To get there I flew from Los Angeles to Singapore and this one leg took 16 hours! In Jakarta the traffic was nuts. I arose at 5 am and left at 6 am, to beat it to the office. Our driver was full of smiles, even at 6 am. He wanted to learn better English, so he would put forth complex words like “Foreigner” and I would teach him how to pronounce them. He wanted to learn, and I liked that attitude.… More

According to a recent article in Time Magazine*, the CEO of your brain is the prefrontal cortex, which is right at the front of the brain. This “higher brain” has to control the “decadent” appetites of your midbrain which sits on top of the spinal cord….. eating, shopping, gambling, sex, or drinking. The things that bring pleasure for a moment. However, the higher brain has a powerful resource on its side: willpower. The midbrain governs desire. The higher brain governs control. The midbrain is about short-term awareness, while the higher brain is into long-term considerations.… More

The Japanese women’s soccer team

In the recent World Cup of Womens Soccer, the championship was between the USA and Japan. “Did you hear what went down in their dressing room before the game?” she asked excitedly. “Whose dressing room” I demanded. “The Japanese”, she replied. “They passed around pictures of the wounded and the dead following the tragic tsunami and the reactor meltdown. And they meditated on them before they went out on the field.”… More

Christianity – How relevant is it these Days?

“Society is secularizing in Europe” she said distractedly. This from Susan, a lady who attends the fourth fastest-growing church in the USA. The church has five campuses in New Mexico, and about 13,000 attendees each weekend (five or six services total on Saturday evening and Sunday).… More


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