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Traveling to reality: Australia Part 3.

This story is adapted from a BBC report dated 9 November 2019. THE PRESENT. In early November 2019, concurrent wildfires were raging in eastern Australia and California. This is unprecedented because its Spring in Australia and Fall in California – the wrong seasons for wildfires, let along wildfires that are this intense.

I was in Australia in August 2019 and reported on a massive drought that stretched from Sydney west into the state of South Australia. We saw no blade of green grass for two whole days of four-wheeling in the northern Flinders Ranges. We saw dozens of dead kangaroos by the roadside.… More

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Drought in New Mexico

“We need to pray for rain!” And at our home Bible study, we did. In Albuquerque, we have had no rain to speak of in 2011. 87% of the State is in a drought. This is the most severe condition for 117 years!… More

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