WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • The Jemez River and its scenic beauty. • Hiking to a perfectly lovely waterfall.

The Jemez River starts in the Jemez Mountains about 1.5 hours drive from Albuquerque. Soon after this you come to the Valle Grande – an immense crater left after a series of volcanoes about a million years ago. Drive a little further and you come to Bandolier National Monument, one of the best-preserved ruins built by the Ancient Ones around 1100 AD (that’s 900 years ago). A bit further and you come to the science town of Los Alamos, where they built the bomb.… More

“Do you think about God using your analytical mind?” she asked. I was sitting at a desk in a bookstore……signing a copy of my book for this young woman. She was a scientist employed at the big government lab in Los Alamos. “I use both analytical and intuitive modes”, I replied, “but my natural bent is analytical”.… More


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