WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • The Jemez River and its scenic beauty. • Hiking to a perfectly lovely waterfall.

The Jemez River starts in the Jemez Mountains about 1.5 hours drive from Albuquerque. Soon after this you come to the Valle Grande – an immense crater left after a series of volcanoes about a million years ago. Drive a little further and you come to Bandolier National Monument, one of the best-preserved ruins built by the Ancient Ones around 1100 AD (that’s 900 years ago). A bit further and you come to the science town of Los Alamos, where they built the bomb. It’s an enchanting area!

Kim and I hiked along the East Fork of the Jemez last week. At the end of May the grass is lush and green, and the scenery is spectacular.… More

“Do you think about God using your analytical mind?” she asked. I was sitting at a desk in a bookstore……signing a copy of my book for this young woman. She was a scientist employed at the big government lab in Los Alamos. “I use both analytical and intuitive modes”, I replied, “but my natural bent is analytical”.… More


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