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Traveling to reality: Australia Part 1

AUSTRALIA IS IN THE GRIP OF A TERRIBLE DROUGHT. A month ago, I took a trip that landed me right in the middle of this drought. Didn’t see a blade of green grass for two whole days. Sadly, just a lot of dead kangaroos.

A second trip was at the other end of the spectrum: north-east Queensland where the tropical forest and sugar-cane fields were totally green. And I saw a part of the Great Barrier Reef that is still very much alive. This will be another blog — Australia Part 2.

The current great Australian drought is shown on the map.… More

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Climate Change: Part 5. New IPCC report – scary or not?

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • The situation is worse than we thought. • Between 70 and 90% of coral reefs expected to die off, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. • Individuals can do something about it. • Being aware of what we eat, where it comes from, how we travel, how we heat our homes, can impact energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. • Drastic action is required but will require global political engagement.

NEW IPCC REPORT OUT IN OCTOBER 2018. I live in the southwest USA. Seeing more pine trees killed by pine-bark beetles is sad. The huge numbers of wildfires in the west got to me this past summer.… More

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Climate change: Part 1

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Climate change versus hurricanes and forest fires. • A new book on climate change. • What causes climate change? • Can we predict climate change effects? • Should the USA buy insurance against climate change?

Just to clarify: this blog and (I hope) the next one will center on Science and Energy.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS CONTROVERSIAL, but recent events in September of 2017 force us to think about it once again. I’m referring to hurricane Harvey which went through Houston and hurricane Irma which hit Florida, both causing billions of dollars of damage within the past month.… More

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Drought in New Mexico

“We need to pray for rain!” And at our home Bible study, we did. In Albuquerque, we have had no rain to speak of in 2011. 87% of the State is in a drought. This is the most severe condition for 117 years!… More

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Help someone to hope

Help someone to hope – I was twenty-six hours in transit coming back to the USA from Australia, but slept six hours on the plane which helped.

My Mom looked after me so well over there…… I already miss the stewed plums and yellow custard for brekkie.… More

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