Help someone to hope

Help someone to hope – I was twenty-six hours in transit coming back to the USA from Australia, but slept six hours on the plane which helped.

My Mom looked after me so well over there……
I already miss the stewed plums and yellow custard for brekkie.

It’s warm back home in Albuquerque, but not hot. No rain to speak of for five months, and a few of my plants have died. I see some dead plants everywhere I drive….it’s a serious drought! However, on the upside my roses are blooming and georgous!

My neighbor has just lost his house……he could not keep up with the mortgage. I talked with him and his wife. She appeared heartbroken, but remained positive. It’s very sad.
I offered to give them some money to help out with moving expenses, etc.
He said “no”, but she said “that would be a blessing”.

It’s an example of helping someone to hope. Someone with obvious and immediate needs. A good place to invest emotional energy, where the person genuinely needs help, and is making some changes (as compared with just “enabling”). The neighbors have to abandon the house tomorrow……I spent the next day helping them pack and move…’s the least I could do.

The Gray Nomad.

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