Life is Fragile

Life is Fragile – Yesterday in Australia we saw a man die. An older man was riding a bicycle that was hit by a car. The man appeared to veer out into incoming traffic, hit a black car, crashed into and broke the windscreen, and rolled off onto the roadway where his body stopped moving. We were driving down the opposite side of the road. We pulled over quickly and I shouted at my nephew to call 911, but the number in Australia is 000. He called.

Another cyclist got there first, and knew what to do. Along with a couple ladies, they rolled him on his side so he would not choke on his blood.

A doctor who was jogging appeared, and applied CPR.

The ambulance arrived in about five minutes, and the young dark-haired woman got her life-saving implements out. She continued the CPR, and applied oxygen. Two other ambulances arrived within ten minutes. There must have been six techs striving to save his life.

I prayed, and the tears dripped down my cheeks.

We watched for 30 minutes while they applied CPR to keep the blood flowing, and then strapped him to a stretcher and took him to hospital.

The rapid response by folks who saw the accident was impressive.

Life is fragile.

Although it may sound glib, it’s good to be reassured about heaven.

The Christian faith is clear in its belief about heaven….Jesus talked about it several times.

A compelling new book is “Heaven Is For Real” by Todd Burpo.

The Gray Nomad.

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