WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • How do you keep on living? • Dawnya’s story. • Lola creates a garden. • If you have lost a child…..

PREAMBLE: I have made a few more videos (most of them less than 2 mins) on the subject of Fracking for Dummies and Non-Experts. How to access? See at bottom of this blog writeup.

HOW DO YOU KEEP ON LIVING? How do you survive 15 years of clinical depression? When friends thought you would die. And when you have to hold your head up high because you’re the wife of a prominent missionary to the hippies?… More

Life is Fragile – Yesterday in Australia we saw a man die. An older man was riding a bicycle that was hit by a car. The man appeared to veer out into incoming traffic, hit a black car, crashed into and broke the windscreen, and rolled off onto the roadway where his body stopped moving. We were driving down the opposite side of the road. We pulled over quickly and I shouted at my nephew to call 911, but the number in Australia is 000. He called.… More


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