Character – Do you have it? I asked Alan this question as we sat in lounge-chairs outside Starbucks on a beautiful mid-morning. He wrinkled his forehead. “Where did that come from?” “Well I googled on the word ‘Character’, and it came back with ‘The combination of qualities or features that makes a person distinctive’”, I replied. He laughed. “So it boils down to what makes me distinctive”. Still smiling, he said “This Java Chip frappuccino is distinctive, it’s outstanding and I am savoring every sip”.… More

Life is Fragile – Yesterday in Australia we saw a man die. An older man was riding a bicycle that was hit by a car. The man appeared to veer out into incoming traffic, hit a black car, crashed into and broke the windscreen, and rolled off onto the roadway where his body stopped moving. We were driving down the opposite side of the road. We pulled over quickly and I shouted at my nephew to call 911, but the number in Australia is 000. He called.… More

Marketing the book: Resilience

I’ve been thinking about how best to market my book Hiking Toward Heaven.  I thought about going door-to-door, like Frank Dalby Davidson did to get his bestseller “Man-Shy” off the ground (because no-one wanted to publish it). That book, written in the 1930s I believe, was an enchanting story about a heifer’s thoughts and actions when she felt trapped by encroaching fences in Australia. It’s a gem of a book.… More


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