New Movie: Son Of God

To begin with, in a recent article, I mentioned possible signs of the end-times, when Jesus will return to earth as believed by most Christian faiths. Although two imminent movies were listed (Noah and Heaven is for Real), I omitted one more, Son of God, which opens Friday February 28. Let me explain, the movie was produced by the makers of the TV series “The Bible”.  Meanwhile, this show broke records when shown in 2013 on the History Channel.

Husband and wife producers: Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Roma also stars as Mary. Click to enlarge and to source.

Furthermore, the movie includes the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Diogo Morgado, a Portugese actor, will play the role of Jesus. According to the Catholic News Agency “Burnett said that teenagers and young people who see the movie are absolutely connecting with the disciples, and realizing they were just ordinary people”. This is huge, because the established church is sometimes out of touch, and is losing too many young people.

The best I’ve ever seen” Rick Warren

Engaging and compelling” Cardinal Wuerl, Washington DC

You’ll be enthralled and inspired” Bishop TD Jakes

An epic work” Joel Osteen

Theater Take-overs” are happening. Mega-church pastor Rick Warren is buying out screens in eight different theaters throughout Orange County. Crossroads Church in Cincinnati is bringing thousands of people to a Cinemark theater, where Son of God will be showing on thirteen screens at the same time.

Mary and birth of Jesus. Click to enlarge and to source.

The Gray Nomad.
Probing the practice of Christian believers……

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Jesus healing a leper. Click to enlarge and to source.

The whipping begins. Click to enlarge and to source.



Peter and the risen Jesus. Click to enlarge and to source.

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