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Les Miserables: influence in my life

When I was a young man, I kept recalling a story about a priest giving away expensive silver candlesticks to a felon, but for over 15 years could not recall where I read it. The silver candlesticks never left me, and I think now that God lodged the story in my soul to shape my future.

I came into a deeper relationship with Christ years later, at the age of 26. Later still, when I first saw Les Miserables in the theater, I realized the candlesticks originated from Victor Hugo’s book which I had read during my final year of high school.… More

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Les Miserable at the gas station

As I drove into the gas station, I saw her squatting on the curb with her head down and covered by a gray hood. My first thought was that she was crying, and a tiny voice said maybe she was homeless and despairing on New Year’s Eve. While I was filling up my tank, I glanced back and saw that this small-framed girl was fingering her cellphone, and I assumed she must have been a high-schooler. Satisfied, I turned back to the gas tank.… More

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Autism and a fourteen-year old’s solution for bullying

Autism and a fourteen-year old’s solution for bullying. This letter is a heartwarming story written by a mother on behalf of her son, and how a fourteen year-old girl has helped the son to hope. A stirring example of practical love that is quite an inspiration! In the mother’s own words……..… More

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I was a bad Samaritan

I was in Walmart last week, perusing the checkout lines to see which was the shortest. I had one item, just one…..a small alarm clock. Small so I can take it when I travel. Just one item….only $5.42. I was in a hurry, and pre-occupied trying to solve a problem about permeability in a coalbed methane well.… More

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For young people: Is Christianity no longer relevant?

>Europe is becoming more and more secular, and so is my original country of Australia. Over there, some beautiful old stone churches, now empty of worshippers, have been converted into boutiques or ice-cream shops. In the USA, where most people believe in God, young people are into sports, work,  clothes, I-phones, and fitness. But many young people do not go to church, and have no interest in organized religion.… More

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Carrie Underwood – How she got there.

“Ah! I had almost forgotten what a good skinny mocha latte tastes like”. Shanessa sank back in the armchair with an easy smile on her face under black hair twisting and turning into a complex of curls just below her shoulders.… More

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