A cute new children’s book by Kim McGrath.

Kim Pollock McGrath is my step-daughter who lives in Independence, Kansas. This is an inspiring story about how God intervened – around the time of her sister’s tragic death – and Kim became an author.

Kim is an elementary school teacher. For many years, she wanted to write a children’s book. Lots of ideas came and went, but she never had the confidence to write. That changed in 2018.

Here is the story in her own words:
“Four years ago, while driving out of town, I saw a little tree out in the open field all by itself. Something about that little tree touched me in a special way.

Over the next three years, I would occasionally notice a lonely little tree while I was traveling. I thought that would make a cute story, but what could I say about a sad little tree standing all by itself in the open prairie?

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I shared this thought with my family from time to time. They would always say, well, when are you going to write your book? Especially my older sister Staci.

Some church friends would try to offer hope using phrases like, ‘All in God’s time’ or ‘Your season is coming’. But I was beginning to doubt those phrases… it never seemed to be my season.

Staci was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought that battle for five years.
In early 2018, Staci was fading fast and we knew that her days or months were numbered. It was a difficult time, crying out to God with all the faith we could muster, only to see her sinking. The last year of her life, Staci really encouraged me to write my book, but nothing would come to mind. Then suddenly, mysteriously, things began to change.

In February 2018, I was riding on a school bus with the cheerleaders traveling to a high school basketball game. Everyone else was sleeping. I was looking out the window enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, I saw a tree… out in the field all by itself. Awe, there’s another little tree out there all by its lonely self. It touched me again in a special way.

All of a sudden, I heard God say as clear as day,
Little Tree is thirsty from the hot summer sun. Animals will pass by to rest and get some shade. Little Tree will ask the animals if they have some water for him.

I grabbed my cell phone. God was telling me the story so quickly — I didn’t want to forget any part of it. Please slow down God… please wait a minute. I went to NOTES in my cell phone and started jotting down what I could, even if it was just a partial memory.

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To order the book, click on the image. Afterward, hit back-arrow to return to blog article.

Then I received words from God about a big, gray cloud giving Little Tree water from the rain. Then I heard the words Little Tree, Ask Me! and I knew right then that was to be the title of the book God wanted.

I was so excited about this because I finally had a story to go with my Little Tree concept. There is no doubt in my mind it was a gift from God.

When the bus reached home, I pulled out my laptop, looked at my notes in the cell phone, and wrote the complete story that night. I called everyone when it was done. They couldn’t believe I did it so quickly.

I have always insisted this is God’s story. I just wrote it for him. I take no credit and I give God all the credit in the back of the book.

Sadly, my precious sister passed away on April 1, 2018, which was Easter Sunday. Staci did not get to see my published book, but I was able to read her the storyline before she passed. I dedicated my book to Staci.

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Kim with her sister, Lisa, and her mother, Mary Ann. Click to enlarge image then hit back-arrow to return to blog article.

Little Tree, Ask Me! was published in June of 2018 and can be purchased on Amazon. Since then I have written three other children’s picture books:
The Carefree Tumbleweed (about a tumbleweed rolling across the countryside looking for a companion).
Casey Just Wants to Play (a farm dog that’s always getting into mischief, even though she just wants to play).
Only Miss Markle (about silly things a teacher does during class).
I also just completed the manuscript for my fifth book and have started two other books.

It took Staci’s death and God’s timing to bring out the author in me. I give God the glory and honor Him for giving me the vision and the storylines for each book. And I dedicate each book to Staci for believing in me.”

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A young fan reading Little Tree, Ask me! with Susan.


To order the book Little Tree. Ask me! just click on the image of the book cover above (not the image of Kim with the book).


Kim tells this awesome little anecdote in her own words:
“I wanted Little Tree, Ask Me! to be used to share the word of God, touch children, or serve a purpose. Well this morning, a lady appeared in my classroom and said that she had a surprise for me. Around the corner was an older former student of mine and his current reading teacher, Debbie Dye.

My face instantly lit up because it was one of those students you wished you could take home with you and love and care for! This student has a very special place in my heart, and he knows it. The teacher said that this student had a reading goal — to read to me my book and the message I wrote on the inside. He had worked very hard at this and was now ready to read it to me.

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My former student in the middle of the picture.

So I sat next to him as he read my book, Little Tree, Ask Me! to my class. My tears started to flow because he read fluently and expressively. I was so proud of him! We came to a part – my favorite part — which we read together. Of course, when it was over, there were hugs, photos, and donuts! What a blessing! God sent me an angel that day!”

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The Gray Nomad ….. Be inspired.
Thus says the LORD God of Israel, ‘Write in a book all the words which I have spoken to you.’
[Book of Jeremiah, chapter 30].

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John Cameron
John Cameron
5 years ago

A really sweet story … and Staci lives on through Kim!

Edna Janzen
Edna Janzen
5 years ago

What a blessing to read Kim’s story. Thank you for sharing it.

Karen A Larre
Karen A Larre
5 years ago

So incredibly beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing, Ian!

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