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God’s role in creation-evolution: what is your position?

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • God’s role in creation…. four models. • Which model reflects your position? • Learn how to relate to others and their positions on creation-evolution.

A FULL-SIZE REPLICA OF NOAH’S ARK HAS BEEN BUILT IN KENTUCKY, and is now open for tourists. By full-size I mean the length of the ark is 170 yards (one and a half football fields), and its height is 7 stories. It’s an amazing thing to see. Included in the ark are models of dinosaurs, as well as Noah’s family. Wait…..dinosaurs were in the ark? Yes, plus explanations of the creation story.… More

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What became of Tim Tebow?

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Tim Tebow, what he’s been doing • What he says about: How to deal with failure. • What is a Christian identity? • Tebow’s strange ketogenic diet.

TIM TEBOW GAINED FAME AND FOLLOWERS IN THE NFL (National Football League of the USA) a few years ago. For a full and inspiring back-story on Tebow, click here. He was a devout Christian and a great role-model, but this tended to polarize the football fans and commentators. But then he disappeared from the sporting scene, because no football team wanted him.

I turned on the TV recently, and there he was: being interviewed by Dr Oz.… More

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Feathers on a dinosaur as small as a sparrow?

Feathers on a dinosaur as small as a sparrow – WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • How were the dinosaur feathers discovered? • Also, how old was the dinosaur? • How did feathers come about?

A PIECE OF AMBER ABOUT THE SIZE OF A DRIED APRICOT was purchased by a Chinese scientist called Xing Lida in a Myanmar market. An inclusion in the amber looked like part of a plant, but was actually the tail of a theropod dinosaur, covered with feathers. The tail of the creature contained at least nine vertebrae, so it definitely was not a bird.

NOTE: the references in this article come from an article in a website called “evolutionistrue”.… More

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A personal request to reach out to a hurting angel.

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • What is an Isaiah angel? • Do you know folks who are Isaiah angels? • Please hold up Staci Clubine who is an Isaiah angel going through a very rough time.

I HAVE DRAWN MANY TIMES ON WISDOM, HOPE, AND INSPIRATION FROM THE BIBLE. But I was surprised by what I found recently in the book of Isaiah, chapter 58. An exhortation by the great prophet written hundreds of years before Christ. About what we can do to please God, and the benefits of doing this.

It doesn’t say to read the Bible daily. Nor to pray all the time.… More

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The Choice: Science or God?

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • A pub in Ireland • Hammered by an evolution website. • Does it have to be a choice?

I AM A SCIENTIST and I have spent my career doing R&D on a variety of topics: from cosmic rays to fracking to coalbed methane to shale-gas-oil. Also, I believe in God. For this, I have been laughed at once (in Australia many years ago). But never in the USA…….until now.

BILL WIBKER AND I TOURED IRELAND MANY YEARS AGO. We especially wanted to visit the Ring of Kerry, perhaps the most popular tourist spot in Ireland. After we disembarked the ferry from Wales, we walked into a pub and it was exactly as I had envisaged.… More

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Kangaroo – Island of Intrigue

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Where is Kangaroo Island? • Women slaves. • Photos of amazing animals and birds. • Scenery highlights of my trip. • The island of the dead — aboriginal history.

Sydney Harbor, Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock (now called Uluru), Kangaroo Island…….top spots when the Europeans and Japanese visit Australia. But wait…….Kangaroo Island ????

To see the Island in its full beauty, click on an image to enlarge it. Then click on back-arrow to come back to the article. Note: sometimes you may have to wait a few seconds for the enlargement to come into focus.

KANGAROO ISLAND WAS DISCOVERED BY MATTHEW FLINDERS IN 1802 while he explored the southern coast of Australia in the brig HMS Investigator.… More

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A perfect storm in South Australia

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • What’s a perfect storm doing down under? • Unbelievable impact of the storm.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA, IS A STATE LARGER IN AREA THAN TEXAS, but with far less population – just 1.7 million. Furthermore,  it’s a dry state. For instance, three quarters of the state gets less than 10 inches of rain per year. This week the state experienced a perfect storm — the biggest storm in 50 years. Coming from the north, which is unusual, this weather system was on the verge of a hurricane (wind speed 70 mph), and in Australia it was called a mini-cyclone.… More

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Helpless prayer – what to do when we are desperate

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • What is helpless prayer? • Methods. • Examples.

Helpless prayer means when you are feeling helpless. Or desperate. It’s easy enough to pray when our emotions are normal. But what if we are so racked with anxiety that we can hardly think straight, let alone compose a spiritual prayer. Or maybe we can’t stop crying. What can we do then?

Here are some methods that I have gathered over the years. Methods to approach God when we feel helpless. You might not agree with some of these, and that’s okay. I invite you to share your methods if you have different ones.… More

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Earthquake! Largest-ever in Oklahoma! Today!

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Where was the earthquake? • Were there after-shocks in that area? • What causes earthquakes in Oklahoma? • To find out more about fracking and earthquakes.

EARTHQUAKES HAVE BEEN DECLINING IN OKLAHOMA, since the Oklahoma Corporation Commission issued a plan in February 2016 to cut volumes of saltwater disposal by 40% in a large area north-west of Oklahoma City. However, that area did not include the spot just a little east of the north-south line between Stillwater and Ponca City, near Ralston and Pawnee.

This morning, Saturday 3 September 2016, in a small area (but larger than the red dot), an equal largest-ever earthquake of magnitude M = 5.6 occurred at 7:02 am and was followed in the next 3.5 hours by five post-shock tremors of magnitude 3.1 to 3.6.… More

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The Louisiana Floods, and memories of the day I spent helping Katrina victims

Louisiana floods – WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Helping Katrina victims Evacuated to Houston. • Confronting the hurt and the pain. • How can we help the Baton Rouge victims?

I WAS IN HOUSTON ALMOST EXACTLY 11 YEARS AGO WHEN NEW ORLEANS WAS HIT BY HURRICANE KATRINA, one of the most damaging US hurricanes ever. This week Baton Rouge was hit by torrential rain and flooding. 40,000 homes have been flooded, but less than 15% have flood insurance! FEMA have committed to give up to $33,000 to assist homeowners without insurance to recover from the floods. The cause of the flooding was up to 30 inches of rainfall from a storm that just “sat there”.… More

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