A personal request to reach out to a hurting angel.

• What is an Isaiah angel?
• Do you know folks who are Isaiah angels?
• Please hold up Staci Clubine who is an Isaiah angel going through a very rough time.

I HAVE DRAWN MANY TIMES ON WISDOM, HOPE, AND INSPIRATION FROM THE BIBLE. But I was surprised by what I found recently in the book of Isaiah, chapter 58. An exhortation by the great prophet written hundreds of years before Christ. About what we can do to please God, and the benefits of doing this.

It doesn’t say to read the Bible daily. Nor to pray all the time. And it doesn’t say to gather in homes to discuss the weekly sermon. Not even to go to church every week.

Excerpt from the book of Isaiah, chapter 58. Click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return to blog article.

Excerpt from the book of Isaiah, chapter 58. Click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return to blog article.

So what does it say? The image here contains part of the chapter. It’s all about helping others, particularly the disadvantaged. Folks who do this regularly I call Isaiah angels. You probably know some people who behave like this a lot of the time.

Even more of a surprise are the benefits promised by God. You can see them in the image also.

I KNOW A FEW ISAIAH ANGELS. One of them is Staci Clubine, my step-daughter, who lives in Independence, Kansas. She has spent her life helping the elderly, and the poor, and the infirm. If you wish to see an example of this, click here (and note that Gwen in the story is actually Staci).

Ask anyone that knows Staci……she does match the description of an Isaiah angel in the image. This blog honors her for years and years of serving others.

But Staci has struggled with an aggressive cancer the past two years, and it has reached a critical juncture. Would you join me in holding Staci up to God, and ask that he allow Staci to continue for many years the work of an angel she has always done.

Staci in Sedona, 2015.

Staci in Sedona, 2015. Click to enlarge then back-arrow to return to writeup.

And also pray that her light will rise in darkness, and her frame be strengthened, as promised by God in the image from Isaiah. And that Staci will be like a spring whose waters never fail.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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5 comments on “A personal request to reach out to a hurting angel.”

  1. Don says:

    Thank you Ian for this very promising and beautiful scripture, and for its literal application to a very caring and loving disciple of Jesus Christ. I have never met Staci, but feel that I know her, as I can feel the love she has for others and for God. Julie and I will gladly continue our payers for Staci.

  2. Sheila says:

    Very touching. I know Staci and I know this is a true description of her. Her compassion for people turns into action when there is need. Even when she is ill, she continues to take care of others if they are sick or in need. I will continue to pray for her healing.

  3. Mary Ann Pollock says:

    Thanks for writing this blog about Isaiah’s angels. Staci has been an angel from the time she was able to walk. With two sisters each a year apart, she would help me by carrying the diaper bag and watching one sister while I carried the other. She has been a caregiver from the time she was able to notice that someone was needing help. I can never repay Staci for all the care she has given me personally for the past 28 years. I love you Staci.

  4. Jody says:

    Will do, Ian. Thanks for taking care of Mary, Staci, and yourself at this difficult time. I appreciate knowing about Isaiah angels. Love to all.

  5. Karen Larre says:

    I will continue to hold Staci in love, light and perfect healing. Thank you for bringing light to her situation. Hugs, Karen


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