Travels with Chanel (resend)

Summary: A road trip with Chanel the Morkie. Chanel is smart, and an explorer. She breaks the rules, and suffers. She disobeys, and has to be forgiven. But she feels safe and loved in my arms.

The explorer dog.
• Chanel gets to see in 3D.
• She eats my stuff.
• Some spiritual applications.

Chanel and Mary her owner with a spectacular view of the southern Oregon Coast, near Gold Beach. Click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return to blog.

Mary has a little dog, 9 pounds, called Chanel. The Morkie is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. I’ve grown very fond of Chanel. She has long silky hair, and she doesn’t shed (mostly). She never met a person she didn’t want to lick on and love on.

RECENTLY CHANEL AND I TOOK A ROAD TRIP – from the Oregon coast to Independence, Kansas. I alone was responsible for the dog. As an engineer, I’m trained to observe and to interpret. Here is what I found out…….

To read the full article, CLICK HERE. The photos of Chanel are soooooo cute !!!

I APOLOGIZE…. Due to a WordPress update, the full article was posted but not mailed out to some of my followers. This is a resend of the full article.

The Gray Nomad

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