WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • My father and my brother • What did Jesus say about grace? • The astonishing life of footballer David Johnson (see two inserts)

MY FATHER AND MY BROTHER: This occurred many years ago. Early in the morning I found my father digging in the garden. His face was contorted and he was angrily turning over sod after sod. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Your brother stayed out partying until 3 am, and then drove off to his Airforce base near Sydney, an 18-hour trip by himself.” “So what’s wrong with that?” “What’s wrong! It’s a long trip…..… More

For those who have not been following, we are in the middle of the NBA championship, and the Thunder are playing the Miami Heat. It’s the best of seven, and Miami won on Tuesday nite to lead the series 3-1. It’s been a dramatic series and Tuesday nite was no exception.… More


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