Last week I came across a calendar I had designed for 2015. To tell the truth, I had completely forgotten about the calendar. The pictures and the words lifted my spirit at this time of injustice, loss, death, and despair sweeping across the country. The following photos and words are from different months of that calendar.

Hiking the red rocks in New Mexico

Figure 1: Starting out on a cold fall morning in late 2014 about 60 – 70 miles from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kim on the right with kids Kara and Jaden, and friend Brayden in the middle.

If you are a hiker, you will especially appreciate the challenge of the climb.… More

“Write an essay on what you would like to change about your school or community”.This was the instruction from a teacher to my grand-daughter Kara. Here is what she wrote (bullet points are mine):

• “If I could change one thing about my community I would make a group for underprivileged or alienated people. Many people miss out on things because of money or some other issue at home. If we started a fundraiser we could create a big group for the underprivileged and let them experience things they mostly couldn’t.

• Some people don’t have family to spend their holidays with: so we could make a big feast and eat and just hang out or give them something they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.… More


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