GroupSupermarket food: At the Roadrunner Foodbank in Albuquerque I joined eight folks from a Meetup group to lend a hand. I confess I didn’t know what they did there, except it was about food.What I imagined was a hard-scrabble organization, just getting by in a dilapidated building. I wore an old pair of jeans and a tattered T-shirt to be prepared for scrubbing floors, cleaning furniture, and painting walls. See more down below……


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New review for Weed and Water (by a website author called Deal Sharing Aunt) An image of heaven that will catch your eye.


To my surprise, the Roadrunner Foodbank was a large warehouse, with a clean and bright foyer and a large attractive mural on the walls.… More

Inspiring Stories – This article is dedicated to Garland and Sylvianna, who are featured below and are also getting married this coming Saturday. Congratulations!

Praying is good. Offering tangible help is good. Praying is easy. Offering and providing tangible help is harder. The following are some inspiring recent examples of tangible help that have come to my attention:

>>From my grand-daughter Morgan. Here are her own words: “Today God was really really speaking to me. I’ve kept $100 bill in my purse for weeks now. Something just told me not to deposit it in my account but to keep it in my wallet.… More

At 7:30 am on a Saturday morning, I was sipping my latte amongst a gathering of church folk, all of whom had their work clothes on. The young woman standing next to me smiled. Jessica could not have been more than 30, and appeared to be alone.

Her Christian faith was relevant, or she would not have been at this gathering. I asked her how it got to be relevant, when faith is not relevant to so many young people. For example, I heard that only 2% of Scotland’s people are of Christian faith and attend church.

Jessica smiled, and thought for a moment before telling me in a soft voice that she had a baby at 16.… More

“Write an essay on what you would like to change about your school or community”.This was the instruction from a teacher to my grand-daughter Kara. Here is what she wrote (bullet points are mine):

• “If I could change one thing about my community I would make a group for underprivileged or alienated people. Many people miss out on things because of money or some other issue at home. If we started a fundraiser we could create a big group for the underprivileged and let them experience things they mostly couldn’t.

• Some people don’t have family to spend their holidays with: so we could make a big feast and eat and just hang out or give them something they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.… More

When I was a young man, I kept recalling a story about a priest giving away expensive silver candlesticks to a felon, but for over 15 years could not recall where I read it. The silver candlesticks never left me, and I think now that God lodged the story in my soul to shape my future.

I came into a deeper relationship with Christ years later, at the age of 26. Later still, when I first saw Les Miserables in the theater, I realized the candlesticks originated from Victor Hugo’s book which I had read during my final year of high school.… More

As I drove into the gas station, I saw her squatting on the curb with her head down and covered by a gray hood. My first thought was that she was crying, and a tiny voice said maybe she was homeless and despairing on New Year’s Eve. While I was filling up my tank, I glanced back and saw that this small-framed girl was fingering her cellphone, and I assumed she must have been a high-schooler. Satisfied, I turned back to the gas tank.… More

A Church that got up and out of the pews -First of all, about 600 folks from a local church called Sagebrush met at 8 am on Saturday morning. Their job was to distribute presents in four Albuquerque locations to parents who have no money to buy Christmas presents this year. Also, to provide lunch for them and their kids.

200 people-of-the-pews headed to a local high school, where adults and their children pitched in to help. For example, wrapping presents, cutting sandwiches and cake, decorating the rooms, and laying out games and arts and crafts for the kids of the visitors.… More


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