WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Earthquakes in my Iphone. • Fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes. • Largest earthquake in Oklahoma was missed by forecasters. • Earthquakes are declining with time in Oklahoma. • What are the chances of a big one? • What to do if you are in the path of the big one.

THREE TIMES MY IPHONE WHISTLED AT ME LAST NITE. This means three earthquakes on my earthquake app. Here is what it told me: A 3.7 earthquake occurred close to Waynoka, Oklahoma. A 3.3 earthquake occurred close to Harper, Kansas. A 3.5 earthquake occurred close to Gardnerville, Nevada. The app tells me earthquakes of magnitude 3-4 can be felt by people but little damage.

The quakes in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas have one thing in common: they occurred in an area that has been heavily drilled to extract oil from the Mississippi limestone.… More


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