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Love versus love: a post-Valentine’s reflection

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Whitney Houston is best known for the love-song ballad “I will Always Love You”. Her voice damaged in recent years by her drug addiction, she died just before V-Day at 48, much too young. At the Grammy Awards, dressed in a sleek black gown, Jennifer Hudson sang once again this magnificent song, tenderly and poignantly.… More

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It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to replace batteries in a smoke alarm. Ha!

It was Saturday, and I would be very busy getting things done for a business trip to Denver. At 3 am the smoke alarm in my bedroom started cheeping. Once every 60 seconds, to signify the batteries were low. It’s a loud cheep, and woke me up immediately. I was certainly not going to get up at 3 am to replace the batteries, so I attempted to go back to sleep. After 10 more cheeps, I gave up, found a couple of ear plugs, and was able to drift off.… More

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