Last night Louisville won the championship of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Here are some items of fact and faith about the Louisville team: • The team leader and point guard is Peyton Siva, a dedicated Christian. • He wears number 3 on his playing shirt, to acknowledge the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By the way, one TV announcer last night explained this to listeners.

• When Peyton gets a basket, or a free throw, he raises one finger toward heaven. • He scored 18 points last night, which is the second highest score on his team. • Generally speaking, Peyton Siva is a tremendous role model for young men.… More

Playing for the Final Four in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Louisville Cardinals were leading the Duke Blue Devils. They were over their arch-rivals, by 3 points at half-time. The Cardinals are led by Peyton Siva, a young man of God.… More

Although everyone knows the Cinderella fairy-tale, I discovered some illuminating spiritual aspects that may appeal to you. But first some background. The story exists in a similar form in many cultures and in many countries, including China and Africa. It’s a “modern” story is attributed to Charles Perrault, a Frenchman who wrote it in 1697. The Grimm brothers created another version at some later time.… More


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