Big Miracle for Small Town

This is a story about a BIG Miracle that happened recently in a SMALL town. On a Sunday afternoon, a second grade student celebrated her birthday by having a swimming party at the local Youth Center. Fourteen students from the class came to celebrate and have a good time.

During the swimming and splashing and squealing, something unbearable happened, one little girl drowned. The lifeguard jumped in the pool and pulled the little girl out and started CPR on her. As this was going on, someone noticed that another little girl had drowned. So a dad jumped in and grabbed the second little girl.

Not only is it unthinkable for one little girl to drown, but for two little girls…… is just unheard of. But in a small town, word gets around fast. Between Facebook, prayer chains, Twitter, and word of mouth, prayers started going out immediately for these two little girls. That Sunday night, the only information the townspeople had was that two girls had drowned in the local pool, that both were life-flighted to Wichita, and that one was in critical condition.

Then the waiting…….. being a teacher at this elementary school where each day I had seen those two little girls tore my insides up like I had been through a shredder. I felt as if it had happened to my own child. On Monday at school, we received word that one of the little girls was going to be okay, but they were keeping her a couple of days for observation. However, the other little girl’s condition was critical. She still had not regained consciousness, and was on a respirator. It did not look good. But the prayers continued to go out via Facebook, Twitter, and churches. It seemed the whole town pulled together and was praying for a Christmas miracle.

After a few days, the first little girl came home and came back to school just for a little bit. She was taking it slowly because she had been running a slight fever.

In the swimming pool, the second little girl had been under water for ten minutes. The lifeguard had worked on her for fifteen minutes until the EMT arrived, when she barely had a pulse and was already a little bloated. In the hospital, it was touch and go. One day, she blinked her eyes, which they said was good. Then one day she squeezed her father’s hand. But during this time they had to put her into a coma….an induced coma….. because she had a lot of swelling on the brain.

Then one day, she showed signs of “fighting” the respirator, which meant she was able to breathe on her own. Talk about a miracle……she went from being on a respirator to opening her eyes, to talking to her dad, to sucking ice chips, to sitting up and eating a full meal, to coming back to school after one week and a full recovery!

Neither of these two little girls was from a rich family, and they did not belong to the Country Club. One was white and the critical girl was Afro-American. The whole community came together in prayer and support for these two little girls. While we often hear about disasters that happen in the world, there are miracles of God taking place too. Sometimes life is lost, but other times life is saved!

The author, Kim McGrath, of this true story in Independence, Kansas. Also shown are Jaden McGrath (on the left), and Dennis Delimarsky.

We are indebted to Kim McGrath who documented this true story, and who lives in the small town of Independence, Kansas, where these events occurred.

The Gray Nomad.
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“Beware that you do not despise or scorn one of these little ones, for I tell you that in heaven their angels always are in the presence of and look upon the face of My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew chapter 18, Amplified Bible).

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Donna Cowan
Donna Cowan
11 years ago

Wow! What a fabulous story. It reminds me of the story about the neurosurgeon who died! ( I bet these children may have had a heaven experience. We’re hearing so many stories like that lately! What a blessing that the professionals didn’t give up on the children. MA, that looks like your former house in the background. Thanks for sharing this encouraging and inspiring story. God does answer prayers!

Sheila Thompson
Sheila Thompson
11 years ago

Very touching, Kim. It is people like you who really care deeply and pray that make a difference. God is so good. I love to hear stories like this that are an encouragement to pray and not give up, even in the most difficult situations.

Mary Ann pollock
Mary Ann pollock
11 years ago

Kim what a wonderful job you did in writing such a great story about the miracle of the two girls that drowned. It is so great to hear that God still does miracles amongst ordinary folks in local families in small towns.

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