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A BEAUTIFUL PAY-IT-FORWARD STORY: This comes from my step-daughter Kim McGrath and occurred during the week of Thanksgiving. She teaches a class of twenty 6-7 year olds in a public school. In her own words…… “I had the most wonderful lesson this week. Told my students Monday that if they read 10 stories by Tuesday lunchtime, they’d earn a coupon for a Braum’s single-dip ice-cream cone. They all did lots of reading and earned their coupon.… More

Thanksgiving in America is a big deal. It’s the first winter holiday, and the winter can be horrible in the USA, as we found out last week when the latest polar vortex came south. Buffalo received many feet of snow in their football stadium (I have heard numbers from 7 – 12 feet), and the venue had to be shifted to Detroit. But it’s a time when we can gather in front of a fire, and eat and chat to our heart’s content. Then there is Black Friday right after T-day, when extreme shopping takes place….. so far I have managed to avoid this every year.… More

Last weekend I hiked with friends in Big Bend National Park. Situated at the bottom of Texas, the Chisos Mountains reach for the sky, and structure a striking basin surrounded by peaks which soar to 8,000 feet. Very isolated and refreshingly tranquil, the Park lies about 10 hours driving time from the hustle and bustle of Houston. In the middle of the basin lies a restaurant and a lodge, and the rooms have no TV and no phones.… More


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