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Hiking Toward Heaven: Soldiers Pass in Sedona

HIKING TOWARD HEAVEN – WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Hiking in Sedona, Arizona. • The devil’s kitchen. • The seven sacred pools. • Rattlesnake. • Spiritual thought.


FIRST OF ALL, I AM IN SEDONA, ARIZONA, hiking. This is where the red rock scenes are grand. For example, if I were asked to design heaven, these red cliffs would be the first wonders I would install.

So then, at 8 am I am the second car through the gate to access Soldiers Pass trail-head. Specifically, this is a two mile hike on the outskirts of Sedona. Soldiers Pass road comes off highway 89 A, on the west side of town.… More

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Arizona in Winter! Awesome Hikes Toward Heaven

An Arizona Winter – While eastern USA was in a deep freeze (lowest February temperature on record), the Gray Nomad was hiking Arizona where the average temp was 70F. Got some great pics! Also learned a deep spiritual lesson while out there, see Post-Script below.

INSERT: My new book Weed and Water is now out as a print book (as well as an e-book) and can be ordered at Amazon.com. In the first chapter I am rescued from drowning by the teenager next door.

Sedona is red-rock country, and Cathedral Rock is a star attraction. While we were taking pictures, two women got married and the wedding ceremony was held right there in front of Cathedral Rock!… More

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