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How to balance science and faith.

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • My talk on Fracking and Global Warming at Oral Roberts University. • The faith of a neurobiologist. • Tensions he sees between science and faith. • Deciding to marry – science or faith? • Netflix challenge of the week. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PREAMBLE: I’m giving a talk this coming week called Fracking and Global Warming: What’s the Connection? This is a new topic for me and I had to put some research into it. The talk is at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Wednesday 27 February at 1:15 pm and at 2:15 pm (same talk at both times in room 102 of the Global Learning Center).… More

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The Choice: Science or God?

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • A pub in Ireland • Hammered by an evolution website. • Does it have to be a choice?

I AM A SCIENTIST and I have spent my career doing R&D on a variety of topics: from cosmic rays to fracking to coalbed methane to shale-gas-oil. Also, I believe in God. For this, I have been laughed at once (in Australia many years ago). But never in the USA…….until now.

BILL WIBKER AND I TOURED IRELAND MANY YEARS AGO. We especially wanted to visit the Ring of Kerry, perhaps the most popular tourist spot in Ireland. After we disembarked the ferry from Wales, we walked into a pub and it was exactly as I had envisaged.… More

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