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Some truths about welcoming refugees from ISIS: a different take

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Interview with Nicolas Henin, prisoner of ISIS for 10 months. • What startling insights he gained during this time. • A brief chat he had with Kayla Mueller who was later murdered by ISIS. • A different take on how many Syrian refugees the USA should allow in.

French journalist and author of Jihad Academy: The Rise of Islamic State spent ten months as an ISIS hostage in Syria. His special insights are startling, as revealed in an interview on 1 January 2016 by Democracy Now [DN], excerpted below (with minor paraphrasing by me). Henin has definitely earned the right to speak out calmly and clearly on this subject.… More

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War Room …..The Movie

war-roomWar Room: The movie is about an affluent family who seem to have everything. But it is soon apparent that the parents are tense and argumentative, and disillusioned with each other. The daughter, aged about nine, is absolutely adorable, but of course pained about her parents bickering.

A wise senior citizen appears, who might be an angel in the way she challenges the wife about her choices, and provides Biblical wisdom. The senior lady is feisty, and even confronts a mugger on the street by invoking power in the name of Jesus. Reluctantly, the wife adopts a spiritual stance, and at a time when her husband runs into trouble in his business dealings.… More

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Refugees: The Nowhere People.

Refugees, the nowhere people: Robyn, my niece, is 33 years old and a fashion designer, married to a Brit, and living in London. She has a sense of compassion for the suffering, and she speaks up when she has a concern. Robyn shared on Facebook a video about refugees in Syria, and this got me thinking. Based on her info, I wrote the blog and invited her personal comments…..they can be found at the end.

I was already aware of the terrible situation in Syria, but found myself wondering how relevant it is to Americans. After almost three years of civil war in that country (where part of the population is Christian), here is the situation: • Total population of Syria is about 20 million.… More

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