WHATS IN THIS BLOG ABOUT FORGIVENESS • What Jesus said about forgiveness. • Forgiveness is vertical but reconciliation is horizontal. • The danger of unforgiveness. • Examples of unforgiveable damage or hurt.

OLD-FASHIONED SPIRITUAL WORDS. It is said that old-fashioned words, from the Bible for example, are going out of fashion. Words such as sin, repentance, grace, or mercy don’t appear in our conversations much, and certainly not near as often as words like I-phone, apps, Facebook, likes, or Wifi.

THE WORD FORGIVENESS IS AN EXCEPTION, since the concept is brought up frequently in today’s conversations. When a couple split, for instance, they are told they must forgive the other person.… More

A Tebow-like character has emerged in the NBA, the US professional men’s basketball association. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere in February to play as point guard for the New York Knicks. The team had lost several games in a row, and it looked like they would not make the playoffs. Lin, who was sleeping on his brother’s couch in Manhattan, led the Knicks to win the next six games, and he starred in most of those games. He quickly became the talk of New York. Jeremy is the NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Tawain descent. He is charging up Asian fans worldwide.… More


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