Prejudice – Standing up to it – I read where a white woman encountered a group of Aboriginal Australian men on a train. The Aboriginal people are a definite minority in Australia, much as Native Americans are in the USA. Other similarities are assigned reservations, land-rights issues, and high unemployment. I summarize below using her own words what happened to the woman on the train (you can read the full story by clicking on the link):

• At the train station I managed to squeeze into the last carriage. All the seats were taken, except one. Three Aboriginal men were sitting in a four-berth seat so I asked if the fourth seat was being used.… More

This letter was written, from my imagination, to try to illustrate what God would say to my Mom. It was sent to her shortly after my Dad died. At the time, I told Mom if the letter seems self-righteous or judgemental, please forgive me, because that was not my intent.

The letter was meant to be uplifting and encouraging, and not critical at all. This letter is reproduced now, about three years later, with Mom’s kind permission….it may help someone else who is grieving a loss or a separation (of any kind).… More

Mother’s Day is a time for reminiscence…..another year has sped by, and our kids (and maybe grandkids) are another year older. My mother will be 90 this year. We chatted last nite about her garden, since she gets out every day to prune the bushes and pull the weeds. We talked of the football games over there (Aussie-rules footy), and she lamented that her team had lost to my team. She follows the game with interest and knows some of the players.… More


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