WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • A hippie doctor called Brilliant. • What he learned in an ashram in India. • From an ashram to combating smallpox. • The eradication of smallpox forever.

A DOCTOR CALLED BRILLIANT. I awoke last Saturday to hear on the radio a doctor being interviewed on the New Dimensions program on NPR. He had written a memoir called “Sometimes Brilliant”, and I thought What an ego! But they explained that his last name was Brilliant, and that he had been a hippie in San Francisco. My next thought was Can anything good come out of the Haight-Asbury hippie movement? Furthermore, was I in for a surprise?

I had missed the early part of the program. But what caught my attention was Doctor Brilliant telling that 500 million people had died from smallpox during the twentieth century (that’s almost double the current population of the USA of 320 million).… More


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