WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Tim Tebow, what he’s been doing • What he says about: How to deal with failure. • What is a Christian identity? • Tebow’s strange ketogenic diet.

TIM TEBOW GAINED FAME AND FOLLOWERS IN THE NFL (National Football League of the USA) a few years ago. For a full and inspiring back-story on Tebow, click here. He was a devout Christian and a great role-model, but this tended to polarize the football fans and commentators. But then he disappeared from the sporting scene, because no football team wanted him.

I turned on the TV recently, and there he was: being interviewed by Dr Oz. It was a totally respectful interview, which went from his football failure, to his switch to baseball, to the ketogenic diet he is on (you may have to scroll the tape forward to get past the cancer portion of the film).… More


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