A Biker ceremony: The stage in front of the church was decorated with hay bales and saddles. The groom had on his best country-western outfit, cowboy hat included. The bride wore a shimmering black dress punctuated with silver sequins, plus matching earrings and necklace and boot bracelet all sparkling in the afternoon light.

There must have been 20 biker-guests attending, dressed in their leathers. The wedding was co-performed by Allen, a great friend of Sylviana’s, and by Carlos (or “Doc”) from Pagosa Springs. Doc and his wife rode in on two bikes.

With his black hat, hair to his shoulders, and full-length black coat he reminded me of Wyatt Earp in the movie. Twenty years ago he was a dropout, drinking too much, when he walked into a church in Albuquerque.… More


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