**Moab… of red cliffs and Arches National Park. **The best hiking trail near Moab. **Needles Overlook, plus golden eagle, plus arrowhead.

IT WAS LATE IN THE DAY WHEN I ARRIVED IN MOAB. Near the south-eastern border of Utah with Colorado, Moab was named by Mormon settlers in the 1800s. The biblical Moab was a verdant valley set in the middle of a severe desert… an emerald in the sand. Mid-summer in the red-rock desert, and with a temperature of 93F at 3 pm, I anticipated an empty town. Wrong! Moab was inundated by tourists from Europe, Japan, China, and even Brazil.

I have hiked in Arches National Park more than six times, but never tire of the fins and arches and bluffs of the Entrada sandstone formation, laid down about 200 million years ago.… More


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