WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • An overdose in Memphis, captured on video. • Terrible opioid statistics in USA. • One couple’s story: addicted for almost 50 years. • Rehab – is it possible?

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I READ AN ARTICLE IN TIME MAGAZINE AND STARTED CRYING. The article was called The Life of an Addict, by Alice Park. It’s about a couple, Ron and Carla Hiers, who overdosed in Memphis, and they were caught on video. Ron was bent double over a bus-stop seat, while Carla was on her knees on the sidewalk. Both of them bombed out. It’s a shocking video.… More

You can walk into a store and buy recreational marijuana. Where? Colorado now. Washington State this coming summer. Twenty other states in the USA have legalized marijuana for medical use only.

I visited my doctor this week. Lots of gray hair and wisdom. He took off on marijuana (also called pot or weed). “Marijuana use is insidious. To promote weed and say it is not harmful is dead wrong. It is addictive. It’s not called the ‘Gateway drug’ for nothing. The brain of a teenager is changing from a child to an adult: neuron connections are shifting and maturing.

Marijuana may interfere with and retard that. The teenage years are the last opportunity to make the brain as healthy and smart as possible.… More


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