About three years ago, I had an atrial fibrillation (AFib) while in California. My heart rate was 120 beats per minute for two days and a night. I knew this was dangerous, as it can induce stroke. I flew back to ABQ to see my heart doctor. He checked my vitals, did a running EKG, […]

  Her name was Bindi, which means Little girl in Australian Aboriginal language. She was part chihuahua and acted like it. She would perch cozily on my lap while I worked. But in bed if I turned over on her, she would bite me. ================================================= My new book, Weed and Water, is now available as […]

Chapter 1 is a life-threatening adventure in canoes on the flooding Buffalo River. If you’d like to take a peek, please scroll down. The book called Weed and Water will be published as an e-book (available from Amazon), as well as a print copy. The e-book will be out first. I have sorted my blogs […]

My new book called Weed and Water will be published soon. If you wish to see what it’s about, please look at the Synopsis below. It will be published as an e-book (available from Amazon), as well as a print copy. The e-book will be out first. I have now written 112 blogs over the […]

Thanksgiving in America is a big deal. It’s the first winter holiday, and the winter can be horrible in the USA, as we found out last week when the latest polar vortex came south. Buffalo received many feet of snow in their football stadium (I have heard numbers from 7 – 12 feet), and the […]

I was surfing the TV channels when I came across a movie by this title. It was an engrossing high-drama movie, well-acted, and I felt like I was right there in the Middle East when all these things happened to Daniel. What came across strongly was the unmitigated faith that Daniel and his friends had […]

I have come to respect Dr Andrew Weil. From reading his book Spontaneous Happiness, to seeing him discuss natural remedies for the heart and the lungs on TV with Dr Oz. Thirdly, he has published a pyramid of anti-inflammatory foods that I have just discovered. According to Dr Weil “Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help […]

So many people have cancer…..something like 1 in 3 in the USA……we all know someone close to us who has contracted it. Yet biomedical scientists have been searching for a cure for 50 years. A conventional treatment often consists of chemotherapy plus radiation, both of which are toxic (poisons) and kill good cells as well […]

I had wanted to visit Chaco Canyon for over 30 years. It’s near the Four Corners area of the USA, about two and a half hours from ABQ. The road is paved except for about 12 miles of unpaved washboard (corrugations) which challenged my new Subaru Forrester (rattle….rattle). The “Ancient Ones” lived here from 800-1200 […]

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