WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • A beautiful pay-it-forward story • Tips: how to be more thankful • Tips: how to be more giving • Toward a healthy balance

A BEAUTIFUL PAY-IT-FORWARD STORY: This comes from my step-daughter Kim McGrath and occurred during the week of Thanksgiving. She teaches a class of twenty 6-7 year olds in a public school. In her own words…… “I had the most wonderful lesson this week.… More

IN THIS ISSUE: • A wonderful verse from the Old Testament which I just discovered • What the verse means practically • How Jesus used it and applied it • Takeaways

A WONDERFUL BIBLE VERSE I NEVER KNEW ABOUT Thus says the Lord, Stand by the roads and look, and ask for the eternal paths, where is the good, old way; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.… More

WHAT’S IN THIS ARTICLE? • The Neewollah festival. • Results of the pageant…..two young ladies (one is my g-daughter). • Why I admire these two young ladies.

THE NEEWOLLAH FESTIVAL. Independence is a small town in southeast Kansas, not far from Bartlesville in Oklahoma. Only about 10,000 people. Surrounded by a vibrant farming community: corn, beans, and cattle. Oh yes, and quite a few oil and gas wells.… More

What’s in this article? • The revolution that is shale gas and shale oil. • Do fracs contaminate surface water? • Disposal wells…..and earthquakes.

Drilling rig in Forth Worth city (click to enlarge or to source, then back-arrow to return to blog).

Drilling rig in Forth Worth city (click to enlarge or to source, then back-arrow to return to blog).

The revolution that is shale gas or shale oil has been successful because many frac treatments are pumped one at a time along the length of a long horizontal well (typically a mile long).… More

My Australian team won the Grand Final…..YES !!! Just a couple weeks ago I was glued to my laptop here in Albuquerque at 1 am (5 pm in Australia), cheering wildly.

This blog gives some valuable lessons for living, even if you are not a sports fan of Aussie rules. I will summarize these learnings in the conclusion below, so you can skip down there if you choose.… More

I have perused a new book called Visions and Appearances of Jesus by Phillip Wiebe. Phil is a Canadian Christian that I know well. We both studied in graduate school many years ago in Adelaide, Australia. In fact Phil and his wife Shirley helped me to make and arrange copies of my dissertation as I was finishing up. Phil and I have kept in touch over the years, and I can attest that he is a solid, responsible citizen with a careful mind that is enquiring and logical.… More

war-roomThe movie is about an affluent family who seem to have everything. But it is soon apparent that the parents are tense and argumentative, and disillusioned with each other. The daughter, aged about nine, is absolutely adorable, but of course pained about her parents bickering.

A wise senior citizen appears, who might be an angel in the way she challenges the wife about her choices, and provides Biblical wisdom.… More

Disclaimer: this is a long blog about a controversial subject that a lot of people, Christian and non-Christian, are talking about. I didn’t know much about the subject, but started hearing predictions about dire things which will happen to America in September 2015. Anxiety levels were spiking. I decided to look into the subject, and here is what I found. This is a brief overview, not a comprehensive study.… More

GroupAt the Roadrunner Foodbank in Albuquerque I joined eight folks from a Meetup group to lend a hand. I confess I didn’t know what they did there, except it was about food. I imagined a hard-scrabble organization, just getting by in a dilapidated building. I wore an old pair of jeans and a tattered T-shirt to be prepared for scrubbing floors, cleaning furniture, and painting walls.… More

This true story is so unlikely but so compelling. It has to be a God-thing, and perhaps more than that!

I wandered into a Keva Juice store, and the manager said, “The usual?” She was a pretty young woman of no more than 25 years and she remembered me each time I came in, although I didn’t know her name. “Yes please, and how’s your day going?” I asked because she looked a bit down.… More


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