GroupAt the Roadrunner Foodbank in Albuquerque I joined eight folks from a Meetup group to lend a hand. I confess I didn’t know what they did there, except it was about food. I imagined a hard-scrabble organization, just getting by in a dilapidated building. I wore an old pair of jeans and a tattered T-shirt to be prepared for scrubbing floors, cleaning furniture, and painting walls.… More

This true story is so unlikely but so compelling. It has to be a God-thing, and perhaps more than that!

I wandered into a Keva Juice store, and the manager said, “The usual?” She was a pretty young woman of no more than 25 years and she remembered me each time I came in, although I didn’t know her name. “Yes please, and how’s your day going?” I asked because she looked a bit down.… More

Also in this issue (hit any slide to enlarge it, then back-arrow to return to blog): • What is the Gray Nomad’s Blog For? • Eight Below: A Dog-Lover’s Movie • Alzheimers Research • New Quest to Contact Aliens

The inspiration title is from the story of a Nobel prizewinner… of the most remarkable stories I have ever heard**. • Mario Capecchi’s mother Lucy was an expat American poet living in the Italian Alps when Mario was born in 1937.… More

Meteor Crater in Arizona (click to enlarge then back-arrow to return to blog).

• Meteor Crater in Arizona • Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by a meteor • The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs • Mass extinctions on earth and spiritual implications • Chance that earth will again be hit by a killer asteroid

Last weekend I stopped at the Meteor Crater in Arizona, just before Flagstaff on I40.… More

Staci, my step-daughter, is in the middle of her stay at the Sedona Wellness Retreat in Arizona. This is a three-week nutritional program to detox from chemo treatment, and to rebuild her immune system. Make sure you read to the end of this article, where Staci gives a poignant review of the Retreat so far.

The red rocks of Sedona, at Slide Rock Park in Oak Creek Canyon. (Click to enlarge, then the back-arrow to return to the blog).

The red rocks of Sedona, at Slide Rock Park in Oak Creek Canyon.… More

Robyn, my niece, is 33 years old and a fashion designer, married to a Brit, and living in London. She has a sense of compassion for the suffering, and she speaks up when she has a concern. Robyn shared on Facebook a video about refugees in Syria, and this got me thinking. Based on her info, I wrote the blog and invited her personal comments…..they can be found at the end.… More

The ceremony, co-performed by Allen and Carlos (in long black coat), with Garland and Sylvianna in front of flag (click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return).

The ceremony, co-performed by Allen and Carlos (in long black coat), with Garland and Sylvianna in front of flag (click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return).

The stage in front of the church was decorated with hay bales and saddles. The groom had on his best country-western outfit, cowboy hat included. The bride wore a shimmering black dress punctuated with silver sequins, plus matching earrings and necklace and boot bracelet all sparkling in the afternoon light.… More

This article is dedicated to Garland and Sylvianna, who are featured below and are also getting married this coming Saturday. Congratulations!

Praying is good. Offering tangible help is good. Praying is easy. Offering and providing tangible help is harder. The following are some inspiring recent examples of tangible help that have come to my attention:

Morgan Fox (click to enlarge, then back-arrow to return to blog).

Morgan Fox

>>From my grand-daughter Morgan.… More

This is dedicated to three friends of mine who over the past months have come through the fire: Staci and Karen and Nancy. May God lead you into a new and fulfilling vision. Also dedicated to Nicida, who held a vision in her heart for two years and has recently attained it.

This writeup is about a vision, a very large vision, which is appropriate at graduation time here in the USA.… More

Several months ago I reviewed a new book called Radical Remission of Cancer by Dr Kelly Turner. The author discovered nine common factors in cancer survivors, after interviewing hundreds of survivors plus many alternative cancer healers. Click on the colored words to see the nine common factors.

I shared this info with a friend of mine, Karen Larre, and she has recently interviewed Dr Turner and reported this interview in her health magazine called Truly Alive.… More


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