One evening this week, I was feeling sorry for myself. After visiting the dermatologist. I came home with two blood-red biopsy scars on my nose…about an inch apart. And a lot of allergies from the budding cottonwood trees meant I had to handle my runny nose with TLC. My nose looked gruesome after I ditched [...]

Definitions: Fracking is hydraulic fracturing, a process where water (or similar liquid) is pumped down a well under high pressure. It is a proven technology in use for over 60 years. The pressure splits the rock like an axe splits a log, and creates fractures (cracks) in the rock containing the oil or gas. The [...]

You can walk into a store and buy recreational marijuana. Where? Colorado now. Washington State this coming summer. Twenty other states in the USA have legalized marijuana for medical use only. I visited my doctor this week. Lots of gray hair and wisdom. He took off on marijuana (also called pot or weed). “Marijuana use [...]

In a recent article, I mentioned possible signs of the end-times, when Jesus will return to earth as believed by most Christian faiths. Although two imminent movies were listed (Noah and Heaven is for Real), I omitted one more, Son of God, which opens Friday February 28. The movie was produced by the makers of [...]

At 7:30 am on a Saturday morning, I was sipping my latte amongst a gathering of church folk, all of whom had their work clothes on. The young woman standing next to me smiled. Jessica could not have been more than 30, and appeared to be alone. Her Christian faith was relevant, or she would [...]

I asked Shanessa’s daughter, who is 17, what are the secrets to greater happiness. She gave me a quick list: • More freedom. My parents are too strict. • More friends ‘liking’ my posts on Facebook. • Live more like the models and superstars in the checkout mags and on TV. • Date more often. [...]

“Do you know when Jesus will come back to earth?” From a boy called Ethan, a direct teenager question shot like an arrow to its target. “I can tell you”, said Jackson the coangel, “that no-one knows the time of Jesus’ return, except God, so I certainly don’t know. However, I will tell you about [...]

I was in the mall walking around a store shopping, when I saw a cashier talking to a boy who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The cashier said, “I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough money to buy this doll”. Then the little boy turned to the cashier and asked [...]

“Write an essay on what you would like to change about your school or community”.This was the instruction from a teacher to my grand-daughter Kara. Here is what she wrote (bullet points are mine): • “If I could change one thing about my community I would make a group for underprivileged or alienated people. Many [...]

In 1987 Michael Morton murdered his wife Chris in front of their young child, and was jailed for 25 years. Except that he didn’t do it. This disturbing story was the subject of an excellent CNN Film shown this week on national television, called “An Unreal Dream”. In brief: • In Georgetown, Texas the wife [...]

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