WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • God’s role in creation…. four models. • Which model reflects your position? • Learn how to relate to others and their positions on creation-evolution.

A FULL-SIZE REPLICA OF NOAH’S ARK HAS BEEN BUILT IN KENTUCKY, and is now open for tourists. By full-size I mean the length of the ark is 170 yards (one and a half football fields), and its height is 7 stories.… More

Meteor Crater in Arizona (click to enlarge then back-arrow to return to blog).

• Meteor Crater in Arizona • Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by a meteor • The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs • Mass extinctions on earth and spiritual implications • Chance that earth will again be hit by a killer asteroid

Last weekend I stopped at the Meteor Crater in Arizona, just before Flagstaff on I40.… More


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