Near Soldiers Pass trailhead.

HIKING TOWARD HEAVEN – WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Hiking in Sedona, Arizona. • The devil’s kitchen. • The seven sacred pools. • Rattlesnake. • Spiritual thought.


A striking outcrop soaring above a blooming white bush.

Mountain fins separated over time by erosion.

FIRST OF ALL, I AM IN SEDONA, ARIZONA, hiking. This is where the red rock scenes are grand.… More

Marketing the book: Resilience

I’ve been thinking about how best to market my book Hiking Toward Heaven.  I thought about going door-to-door, like Frank Dalby Davidson did to get his bestseller “Man-Shy” off the ground (because no-one wanted to publish it). That book, written in the 1930s I believe, was an enchanting story about a heifer’s thoughts and actions when she felt trapped by encroaching fences in Australia.… More

Back story on the book Hiking Toward Heaven. I was hiking with one of my friends in the desert: the enchanting country of the Escalante, Utah. He and I used to work on coalbed methane gas wells together. I told him I wanted to write a book, but didn’t know what about. He immediately suggested a book about hiking, because he was familiar with the many hikes that I had taken.


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