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TRAGIC ADVERSITY – WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • The first story – Sheryl Sandberg. • The second story – Ryan Leaf. • Key aspects of their recovery.

I happened to read, on the same day, stories of two people well-known to the public. Both stories, stunning encounters with adversity, were presented as a person who had it all but then lost it.… More

WHATS IN THIS BLOG: • Tim Tebow, what he’s been doing • What he says about: How to deal with failure. • What is a Christian identity? • Tebow’s strange ketogenic diet.

TIM TEBOW GAINED FAME AND FOLLOWERS IN THE NFL (National Football League of the USA) a few years ago. For a full and inspiring back-story on Tebow, click here.… More

My Australian football team won the Grand Final…..YES !!! Just a couple weeks ago I was glued to my laptop here in Albuquerque at 1 am (5 pm in Australia), cheering wildly.

This blog gives some valuable lessons for living, even if you are not a sports fan of Aussie rules. I will summarize these learnings in the conclusion below, so you can skip down there if you choose.… More

A Heart Warming Story of Hope – This is a modern-day story about a pre-teenage boy who never knew his father, and whose mother was a drug addict. When she was incarcerated, the boy lived with his grandmother. But then she died. The complete story, which takes place in Independence, Kansas, is an inspiring tale of hope and purpose and a future.… More

Prejudice – Standing up to it – I read where a white woman encountered a group of Aboriginal Australian men on a train. The Aboriginal people are a definite minority in Australia, much as Native Americans are in the USA. Other similarities are assigned reservations, land-rights issues, and high unemployment. I summarize below using her own words what happened to the woman on the train (you can read the full story by clicking on the link):

• At the train station I managed to squeeze into the last carriage.… More

Please consider reading this blog to your young sons or grandsons who play sport. And forward it to some parent or grandparent who you think might like to do the same thing. Letter 1 was about Tim Tebow. Letter 2 here is about the San Antonio Spurs.

Tim Duncan celebrating the championship (click to enlarge or to source).

Tim Duncan celebrating the championship (click to enlarge or to source).

Jaden, I hope you were able to watch the USA Men’s basketball NBA championship games between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.… More

Last night Louisville won the championship of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Here are some items of fact and faith about the Louisville team: • The team leader and point guard is Peyton Siva, a dedicated Christian. • He wears number 3 on his playing shirt, to acknowledge the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By the way, one TV announcer last night explained this to listeners.… More

Playing for the Final Four in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Louisville Cardinals were leading the Duke Blue Devils. They were over their arch-rivals, by 3 points at half-time. The Cardinals are led by Peyton Siva, a young man of God.… More

Although everyone knows the Cinderella fairy-tale, I discovered some illuminating spiritual aspects that may appeal to you. But first some background. The story exists in a similar form in many cultures and in many countries, including China and Africa. It’s a “modern” story is attributed to Charles Perrault, a Frenchman who wrote it in 1697. The Grimm brothers created another version at some later time.… More

One year ago I wrote about the spiritual inspiration of an outstanding basketball player called Thomas Robinson from Kansas University. Kansas made it to the grand final. This year I compose a similar story about Peyton Siva who plays for Louisville. The Cardinals were ranked 4th on the past year’s performance, but as I write this blog have been named overall number 1 seed for the NCAA tournament which begins this week.… More


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